скачать bananas go bananas

Here we go, another theory that is making every health and fitness fan go bananas (see what I did there? You are probably questioning what I’m ranting about, well, it’s the latest myth around. This kind of is way less than precisely what is found in most food and quite frankly not enough to make you fat.

In addition, depending on size, bananas usually have 90 to 140 calories each.

This will not readily absorb hence your blood sugar will remain in check unlike with added sugar.

What most people fail to realize is, bananas contain whole natural sugar.

The reason lurking behind bananas being pegged as fattening food happens because they contain carbs which can be of the high amount of sugar and starch found in bananas.

So, if you need to go back to having your best morning snack food guilt free, It is best to read on.

My spouse and I will also be showing you what precisely makes you fat.

If anything, natural sugars, which is fructose, in this instance, is converted to carbs and glucose hence helping your body get energy for day to day activities.

Apart from genetics, there are a number of other things that contribute to us adding excessive fat.

The most common and controllable culprit for weight gain is poor eating habits and shortage of satisfactory workout.

The body requires a certain quantity of calories depending on many factors such or if you time and daily activities.

Consistently consuming excess calories ends in storage which brings about putting on weight.