секреты fruit cocktail

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As an added bonus, the citrusy syrup keeps the fruit from browning.

The honey and citrus syrup is all-natural and really makes the fruit pop.

It also makes a great appetizer (see pictures below) and this fruit salad is a perfect topping for plain greek yogurt, which made a nice snack this evening. if your honey is chunky like mine was, just place it over a bowl of hot water and it will turn juicy again.

Big thanks to all of you who shared your recipes and ideas for fruit salad with me here. Definitely planning to make this for my sister’s baby shower this summer. I tested both and the lime juice gives it more of a zing.

2 rounded Tbsp of honey Juice of 1 lemon OR juice of 1 lime OR 1/2 of each. Since I had 2 syrups already made, I just mixed them together and ended up with 1/2 lemon and 1/2 lime juice.

Don’t slice the fruit until you’re ready to assemble the salad or it will brown.

Slice apples and add them to the bowl (ok, this is getting a little repetitive) 7.

Just like in the scene from Ratatouille when the mouse is tasting the cheese and trying to explain it to his brother.