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A Russian mastermind behind an international slots-hacking operation that bilked casinos across the globe for hundreds of millions of dollars gave an interview this week, in which he revealed just how he and his team pulled off such a sophisticated scam for so many years.“Alex” says he used his math skills to rip off casinos for the common good, leading one of the most notorious cheating outfits in the world as a small “counterweight” to the global gaming system where the house always wins.

(Image: United Artists) journalist Brendan Koerner on condition that his last name would not be revealed, and that he could ignore questions about his personal life that he deemed too invasive.

Alex’s identity may remain largely a secret but his deeds are widely known, having been covered in the media since at least 2014.

That was the year two operatives were arrested in a sting at the Lumiere Palace Casino in St.

Louis, Missouri, and spilled the beans to US authorities about whom they were working for.

Alex was able to confirm operational details to His crew had figured out how to reverse-engineer pseudorandom number generators (PRNGs), which deploy the algorithms that govern “randomness” of slot machine reels.

With this method, the team could know when a machine’s odds were most likely to deliver maximum payouts.

The way it worked, Alex had his agents roam the world’s casino floors looking for slots that he had cracked.

They’d use their phones to surreptitiously relay video of the machines back to a boiler room in St. Alex and his team would then analyze the footage to determine the exact moment when the balance of odds were tipped in the players’ favor, sending a vibration to the agents’ phone a split second before he should spin the reels.