russian casino sites

We will show you how to find the best real money online casinos out there, all of which are geared towards Russian players.

These are the questions we aim to answer in this guide.

Unfortunately, Russia is not a gambling friendly country and online gambling isn’t as widely available or accepted here as it is elsewhere.

In 2006 a law passed that basically banned all forms of gambling across the country, except for in four regions.

There is also a government controlled blacklist of websites that they effectively stop citizens from visiting.

Prior to 2006, things were much less restricted and online gambling was much more common.

These days, you can still gamble online, but there are many online casinos and other gambling sites that just don’t accept Russian players.

There are many sites based overseas that Russian players can join, but a large chunk of these have been blocked and if you have a Russian IP address then you are not able to visit, let alone join.

Of course, there are ways around it and it’s not all bad news.

Firstly, not all gambling sites are blocked and there are accessible online casinos for Russian players out there.

Secondly, there are ways that you can bypass these IP blocks and get to the big casinos.

You just need to browse anonymously or via the use of a VPN.