roulette live онлайн

If you're searching for a truly immersive online experience to play your favourite roulette games, then our live roulette could be the perfect choice for you.

With live roulette there are many different roulette variations to choose from, including Aphrodite Roulette, variations of French roulette, exclusive Roulette and Dual Roulette.

Throughout all of our live roulette tables we use standard European Roulette rules.

All of these options can be found on the main screen page for our live roulette so you can choose which table you want to head to and which dealer for our exceptionally life-like immersive experience.

Live roulette is simple to play, but just even more thrilling than some of our other roulette games as the game doesn't wait for you.

You have 20 seconds to place your bet on the table before the wheel spins, or you have to wait for the next betting window.

With a huge number of variations to choose from, the minimum and maximum bets will be different, but the way you play is the same.

•When you're finished, you can choose to tip the dealer and try a new table Buttons Although it is the dealer controlling the wheel, there are a few buttons that you will need to know in order to control the way you bet.

It is the panel at the bottom of the screen that will provide you with all of the tools that you need to play the game.

Rebet - allows you to bet how you last bet My bets - allows you to save the bets that you make Information ‘I' – this gives you a list of all of the game statistics gathered over the last 500 games.

Racetrack – when this is clicked, you will open the Special Bets panel to place Final, Complete, Announced and other special bets.

Undo - removes the last bet that you made Clear - will clear all of your bets Lobby – Click this to return to the roulette game lobby.