ring of fortune

Rings of Fortune is a festival game found on the Shing Jea Boardwalk and available during special festivals.

The games costs two Festival Tickets per round to play.

Rings of Fortune is played on a four by four grid of rings.

A winning ring is picked randomly, awarding any who were standing there twelve tickets.

Anyone that is stationed in a ring on the same row or column as the winning ring will receive three tickets.

After twenty rounds, the game pauses for new players and for anyone who needs to purchase more tickets.

Playing the Rings of Fortune game progresses both the Lucky title (measured in number of tickets won) and the Unlucky title (measured in number of games lost).

Yeah I've gotten lucky on some stuff - got my black mask on literally the first cave horror kill, dragon pickaxe within 2 hours, royal crossbow completed in 18 qbd kills. But for pvm, even starting, its either if you switch near end kill, and use a other ring as primary (Surgeon Asylum, free) or (Ring of Vigour, 50k dung tokens) for their effects/stats.

On the other hand, it took me 1500 desert strykewyrm kills to get my focus sight. Best would be to actually switch between all 3 in pvm.

I spent about 3-4 days and all the slayer points I earned doing slayer to get more tasks. Nabbed a couple of the cheapest 3a stuff with the rof in 130ish clues, then I switched over to lotd, and then haven't gotten anything significant since after double that number. But wouldn't suggest that for low & mid lvl pvm that often.

I currently use the Ro F whenever I do anything requiring luck, and yes, it has paid for itself ten-fold. I know, I know, completely meaningless with a small sample size, just interesting to note. Very minimal i'd personally switch between those 2 Pv M rings and a luck ring would be GWD2your best money making method gets you over 3m/hr, and you use the ring to teleport over 10 times per day, you'll pay it back in time saved recharging a lot of 28 wealths (plus the price of the wealths) in under one month.

It helped me grab a Barrows Dye from a hard clue, and will only go away when I grab Lot D. I should consider myself lucky for getting those drops, but still looking out for the elusive dyes.statswise, certainly a upgrade from Ring of Wealth. Discord - Join and chat in the official subreddit Partner Discord.