respin перевод

Dear FLUKA experts, Today I download the newest version fluka2011.2c-linux-gfor64bit gz from web.

When I compile file by command $FLUPRO/flutil/lfluka, the following error happen, /usr/bin/ld: BFD version 20100205 internal error, aborting at reloc.c line 443 in bfd_get_reloc_size /usr/bin/ld: Please report this bug. Best regards, Hantao jing jinghantao From: Alfredo Ferrari Date: 2017-06-05 To: fluka-discuss_at_fluka.org; fluka-users_at_Subject: [fluka-discuss]: Respin Fluka2011.2c.6 released Dear Fluka users Fluka2011.2c.6, a respin of Fluka2011.2c, has been pushed to the web site.

Collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status Then produced flukahp file can't be executable. This respin corrects three issues: a) a possible array out of bounds when scoring momentum transfer (as far as we know nobody ever met this, apart one of us, Vasilis internally); b) an issue when defining scintillation photons using wavelengths, where the time constants input by the user were screwed up (again met by one of us, Paola, internally); c) an issue when asking for a special user-defined 3D usrbin/eventbin (code 8 or 18) and at the same time asking for that binning either, Birks law quenching, or dose equivalent conversion coefficients, or user weighting through comscw or fluscw.

But when change to old version package, everything is ok. In this case the weighting (whichever of the above) was not applied (thanks again to Paola for pinpointing it).

As usual support/assistance will be provided only for the latest respin.

Please note that if you did not use momentum transfer scoring (or you used with no crash), you did not define scintillation photons using wavelenths (or you did not care about timing issues), you did not use user-defined 3D usrbin/eventbin with one of weightings listed above, you should not experience any difference in results and in random sequences wrt 2011.2c.5 The Fluka developers ---------------------------------------------------------------------- | Alfredo Ferrari || Tel.: .76119 | | CERN-EN/STI || Fax.: .69474 | | 1211 Geneva 23 || e-mail: Alfredo.

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