reel emperor

How To Catch Red Emperor – Download PDF Red emperor inhabit marine waters generally between the depths of 10-140m.

Juveniles are typically found in shallower nearshore and offshore waters while mature adults tend to inhabit deeper offshore rocky and coral reefs and adjacent sand areas.

When targeting mature fish look for deeper isolated reef and coral structures, small rises and rubble bottom.

When targeting Reds offshore you have the option of drifting vs anchor and berleying, depending on the conditions.

Either way, locating fish then presenting large baits to them close to the bottom is key.

When targeting big reds its best to try to over power them.

Those who make regular big fish captures fish heavy with 50lb mono and 80lb leader or 80lb braid with a long 10m 80-100lb leader.

Heavy gear may seem unsporting but reduces bust offs, long drawn out fights and the inevitable loss of good fish to sharks.

Red emperor are targeted by recreational anglers using overhead or threadline rod and reel setups.

Those targeting larger fish generally opt for an overhead combo for sheer stopping power, for example a TLD20 sized reel matched to a jig or stroker type rod such as a Live Fibre Texalium.

If threadlines are your style something will brute strength is recommended.

Red emperor can be caught on large soft plastics and demersal jigs, but the preference of the experts is fresh, large baits.