редстар интернет

Updated 2016-01-04: A year after Red Star 3.0 surfaced at 31C3, 32C3 held a talk on its internals.

The talk documents the official root method and some malicious components present in the OS; I have updated this post accordingly.

The latest version of North Korea’s custom Linux distribution, Red Star OS – that one with the OS X style interface – has leaked onto the internet.

While the individual who talked about technology in North Korea at the 31C3 conference claimed he didn’t see anybody using Red Star seriously, it’s still an interesting distribution to check out.

The Korean installer is quite easy to go through blind.

All you need to watch out for is the network configuration, which is not set to DHCP by default.

Some extras (including compilers and a LAMP stack) are available through the Customize screen.

The installer (a customized version of Fedora’s Anaconda) can run in English with a modification to the ISO: in on the kernel parameters.

Some minor parts of the UI remain untranslated as they are static images.

The installed system will still be in Korean, but we’ll fix that later. You can enable it with the command, although I cannot verify how it works.

My old root-shell RPM is still available here for reference.

Like the installer, the system can run in English, and the included apps have English translations as well.