queen of the thrones

Hello all, I am looking for clarification on the Queen of Thrones ability when facing a direct opponent (I know it cannot impact allies). Player B plays an attack card increasing attack by 3.

The text reads:"Immediately remove one of your opponent's Order tokens in any one area adjacent to the embattled area. When combat is finally resolved is the missing Order token and supporting units removed from the final tally? Calculate Final Combat Strength Both sides now combine their initial Combat Strength withany modifiers accumulated by playing House cards and using the Valyrian Steel Blade token.

You may not remove the March Order token used to start this combat"We had a disagreement in the group over how this card would impact the current battle. This final value is referred to as a player’s Final Combat Strength.

Player A plays Queen of Thrones and removes the Order token supplying the support.

Below is a summary of what could contribute to each player’sfinal Combat Strength:ɇ Initial Combat Strength *ɇ The Combat Strength and applicable text abilities of thechosen House cardɇ The Valyrian Steel Blade’s 1 Combat Strength (if availableand used)* Some House card text abilities may cause a player’s initial Combat Strength to be recalculated.

For example, if the text of arevealed House card destroys an opponent’s Footman unit, the initial Combat Strength of that opponent is reduced by 1 during this step. Thanks in advance.-Vundo Just the support order which subsequently takes the two supporting ships out of the equation.

Just like the last bullet of the rules you shared states: "Some House card text abilities may cause a player’s initial Combat Strength to be recalculated." Which means, Player B actually has an initial Combat Strength of just 2, instead of the original Strength of 6.

Player A has a total of 5 combat strength (2×2 1 0).

Player B also has a total of 5 coat strength (2 3).

The support order has been removed by the Qo T, so the ships can no longer support and do not contribute to the fight.

This is a basic rule which you have even listed in your OP under the last *. To confirm for all with an Official resource:https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/54/52...

Some cards will cause the initial strength to be recalculated. It states: Q: If the Tyrell player chooses to use the “Queen of Thorns” House card to remove a Support Order froman adjacent area providing support in this combat,are the units in that adjacent area still counted whendetermining final combat strength?