правила блэкджека видео

QUESTION: I like playing blackjack on the video machines at the casino because I can take my time. Or can they alter payout based on how the customer plays? ANSWER: All video blackjack machines use a random-number-generator software algorithm to determine the game's outcome.

Are the blackjack video machines just a random number generator programmed for, say, 90% payback?

The RNG gives you a random shuffle, whereas your payback percentage is based on your overall play combined with the built-in rules of that particular machine.

Video blackjack is typically a one-deck game, and the deck is shuffled after each hand rather than playing to a virtual cut card, finishing the hand and then reshuffling.

The advantage of a video blackjack machine versus a live table game is the low bankroll needed to play.

Plenty of 25-cent video blackjack games exist on the casino floor, some that even pay the full amount for a blackjack.

What could be affecting your losing all the time, Raylon, are video blackjack machines that don't pay you the true value of a blackjack (3 for 2). Because you can expect a blackjack every 21 hands in live play, the loss of that bonus will cost you an additional 2.3%.

Considering that a live blackjack game has a house advantage of less than 0.5% for the knowledgeable player, this one rule change is quite costly.

Also, some video blackjack machines round down on blackjack payoffs.

If you happen to find a machine that pays the bonus for a blackjack, make wagers in even amounts so you can get the maximum value of a blackjack (a payoff of $3 for every $2 wagered).

Otherwise, a dollar wagered will get you just a buck for your snapper. In addition to being less intimidating than a live game, video blackjack provides an opportunity for you to work on basic strategy.

Basic strategy is nothing more than how you play your hand against the dealer's up card.