play roulette live casino

Out of all casino games available, roulette is pretty unique and there is no game quite like it.

Sure, we love card games and dice and everything else, but roulette is an experience that is tough to match.

The basic premises of the game are so old and so firm that that they have stood the test of time for centuries and now we have the privilege to play supreme roulette on our computers and handheld devices, anytime we want, any place we want.

The crucial elements of the game like the spin of the wheel, the thrill and rush of placing wagers and the moment when the dealer flick the ball into the wheel are simply irreplaceable, which is why live dealer roulette has excellent response from the audience and is, in fact, immensely popular among online bettors of the new generation.

Live roulette comes with kind and skilled dealers, immaculate equipment, intriguing side bets and an appealing win potential.

Much like in physical casinos, players have a choice of different versions of roulette games.

Live roulette rooms benefit from multiple roulette tables where charismatic dealers operate the wheel, offering side bets and different table limits to a massive number of players that tune in on a regular basis.

If you know anything about roulette in general, then you must have heard about the three most common versions of the game: roulette.

People are usually most familiar with the European version and almost every live casino room features Live European Roulette.

This type of roulette is played with one zero slot, meaning the wheel is a single zero wheel.

This little detail is important because it lowers the house edge of the game and improves the odds for the players to get a better return on their bets.

The American version of live dealer roulette shares the same rules but with one significant distinction – the American wheel contains an extra slot, which makes it a double zero game.