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Egoiste Platinum by Chanel is a Woody Floral Musk fragrance for men. Clean, crisp, green scent with a metallic edge to it. An elegant and classy fragrance - excellent for the office and going out. All you need in a fragrance collection is Égoiste and Platinum Égoïste. The drydown is wonderful, becomes more floral, but still masculine.

Top notes are rosemary, lavender, neroli and petitgrain; middle notes are galbanum, clary sage, jasmine and geranium; base notes are amber, sandalwood, oakmoss, vetiver and cedar. I'm going to add it back into my rotation as my spring signature scent. I tried to find Egoiste several years ago but not a single store anywhere had it. It would have to smell good for me to switch from Versace Oud :) A gem of a fragrance. This is an excellent fragrance, classic, but not dated at all in my opinion. Although it could probably work in the colder months too, I liked wearing it in the spring and summer, as it has a crispness in the opening that is very invigorating to me.

Note: I just noticed someone below said Platinum Egoiste and Egoiste would make the perfect collection. Upon meeting her, she immediately said "What are you wearing? " Long story short, I bought a bottle and am so glad I did.

Each one works well on my skin with my body chemistry given the time of year and my geographic location(temp/humidity). I was out looking for something new to wear, happened to see a tester for this, remembered it being mentioned in some reviews here, sprayed it on a strip, and thought "wow, smells nice." I put some on and went to meet my wife for lunch.

Those three are all anyone would ever need (or a variation of each classification).

Can work in casual occasions if casual means chinos and a shirt not cargo shorts and flip flops. Call me crazy but this is Chanel doing Eternity right! I tried the latest version recently and it's still as good as I remember and since Chanel will never be on sale or a budget fragrance it's nice to see the quality is still there and that goes for the longevity as well. I love this stuff, and will always have a bottle around I'm sure.

They are very similar, I just applied both to either arm, wow,...the Chanel is superior...by a wide margin. Only difference I noticed to the vintage version is that it has become "sweeter". This is a scent for the well groomed gentleman with a fuzzy taste. Chuckling a bit at the comparisons to Mont Blanc Legend.

I'm positive it was never sweet in the past -am I the only one who has noticed this?? Legend basically smells like a modernized Curve (which I actually like) while Platinum Egoiste is almost "metallic" smelling. In 3 words: Mature, shower-gel, versatile This scent works great in work, school, or any professional occasions.

It's "too classy" for casual and it is not quite there for super-dressy formal occasions, but is in right in the middle just as dressed simple and well like "for work"if you will.

Scent character first opens as fresh and bright but changes a lot due to the "metallic" vibe so definitely test out the dry-down b4 buying.

Smells unique but some people don't like the sharp nature of this scent which can be a bit piercing. Honestly, this could've been my favorite fragrance, but the performance is so poor on my skin.

Overall: 4/5 - Versatility and performance are both better than average Only knock for me is price being that discounter websites don't have Chanels so it doesn't justify for me to purchase ridiculous full retail prices esp with other alternatives in discounters. followed by a disgusting sour, pungent smell of chemicals. If you want to be more masculine in your clothes, your haircut, your body, this is the first fragrance you get. My wife can smell this in my clothes after days when she is preparing the laundry! Bit more versatile than the original, which i love. Projects about 5 hours, longevity is about 9 hours, silage above average. Nonetheless, it is one of my favorites, and my girlfriend loves it.