planet of monkeys

Biological son of the late Alpha and the late Bright Eyes, wild chimpanzees from the jungles of the Congo.

Bright Eyes became a test subject for the drug ALZ-112, which greatly stimulated Caesar's mental development in utero.

After the death of his mother, Caesar became an adoptive son to Will Rodman and Caroline Aranha.

Later in life, Caesar leads the captive apes to rebellion, and rules as the chief of their newly formed colony.

He becomes the husband of fellow San Bruno Primate Shelter inmate Cornelia and the father of two sons, Blue Eyes and Cornelius.

An altered chimpanzee, the wife of Caesar and queen of the apes.

She was a fellow inmate of Rocket, Maurice and Buck at the San Bruno Primate Shelter.

She meets Caesar during his stay at the shelter and forms a romantic bond with him.

After Caesar's rise of power, she becomes his wife and bears him two sons, an heir, Blue Eyes and an infant son.

An altered bonobo with a strong hatred for humans, stemming from years of neglect and abuse.

He had a scar over his blind eye and looks more feral than the other apes held at Gen-Sys Laboratories.

He was initially a staunch ally of Caesar, but later became disillusioned with him after seeing his sympathy and compassion towards humans.