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Horizon Hotel & Casino Resort was a resort located right in the heart of Lake Tahoe in the Sierra Nevada.

It was, by far, the biggest, most extensive resort in the region of the lake, containing several about 600 different rooms just for the guests of the hotel.

Naturally, the primary attraction of the resort, and the reason why I assume most people stayed there, was the lake.

The beautiful water crystal-clear near the shore and a deep shade of blue further in is good enough to swim in and has a clean, well-kept beach.

If, for some unfathomable reason, you don’t really feel like swimming in the lake, but still want to slap around in some water, then Horizon also had a gigantic indoors pool that would happily accommodate you.

But that wasn’t the only attraction the resort had to offer there was also a huge 8 plex movie theater that regularly screened movies, an arcade room full of all kinds of games bound to entertain both young and old, and who can forget about Horizon’s pride and joy the casino area, filled with dozens of slots that could also act as machines for video poker, blackjack, roulette and others.

So why, you might be asking yourself, am I talking about it in past tense?

Doesn’t it sound like an awesome place to go spend a weekend with the family? Closed in early 2014, the resort is now but a faint memory in the hearts of the numerous people who have had the pleasure to be its guests.

And even though it’s no longer open, Horizon will always have a deep meaning to me, which is why I decided to create this website to remind everyone of how things used to be in the resort, what an awesome place it was and, maybe, make a few of its older guests smile.

Regardless of whether you’ve had the pleasure of being a Horizon guest or not, I hope you take a look around this site and remember, or imagine, what it was like back when the resort was open!

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