online baccarat real money

Although not all the online casino players might be familiar with it, real money baccarat is one of the favorite games of high-rollers.

With straightforward rules and fast-paced action, baccarat provides a kind of adrenaline many players are after.

And, while it may be the game of high-rollers in land-based venues, online baccarat tables are accessible to everyone, and you won’t need to break the bank to play some baccarat.

Real money baccarat is played using six or eight decks of cards placed in a shoe.

From this shoe, two hands are dealt: one is the dealer (the banker) and other one is the player.

Online baccarat players can place their bets on either hand winning before the cards are dealt or, if they feel particularly lucky, they can bet on a tie.

The winning baccarat hand is the one that’s closer to the total on nine.

Card values are counted as follows: 10s and face cards are valued zero (0) and all other cards have their actual values.

The total value of the hand can never exceed nine, because values of cards are added together, and only the second digit is counted.

There are some more rules concerning online baccarat, explaining when the player and the dealer have to draw another card or aren’t allowed to draw any more cards.

These may seem complicated, but baccarat is easy to play because these aren’t optional, like in blackjack.

So you can start playing without any fear of making mistakes, as the dealer or the software won’t let you make any.