онлайн даймонд

Take a closer look at your favorite diamonds using our Real-Time Diamond Inspection service; a one-on-one consultation with a non-commissioned certified gemologist.

Share your screen and get expert guidance as you explore diamonds in 360° HD with up to 40x magnification.

Mark points of interest on the screen while chatting with your diamond expert in real time, and review everything from the specs to the grading certificate together.

When you shop for a diamond at Ritani, you can sort our inventory by what matters most to you: diamond shape, diamond size, diamond quality and price.

Our vault is specially curated: Whether this is your first diamond purchase or you’re a seasoned diamond buyer with exact specifications in mind, you’ll find the right diamond here.

Every diamond in Ritani’s vault is independently graded by one of the foremost gem labs in the world: the American Gem Society (AGS) or the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

Independent diamond grading ensures that each gemstone meets the highest standard of craftsmanship.

From classic round cut diamonds to modern princess cuts and vintage oval shapes, our inventory holds many of the finest diamonds on the market.

Ritani diamonds are curated in the heart of Manhattan’s Diamond District, in the largest diamond factory in the U. Our select group of diamond cutters bring many years of education and experience to their work, as well as a deeply held passion for bringing out the beauty of rare gems.

These men and women have been entrusted with cutting some of the most prestigious diamonds of the decade, and their attention to detail is evident in every gem they craft -- from the tiny 0.10 carat diamonds brightening Ritani’s signature halo engagement rings, to a stunning 25 carat diamond masterpiece.

From the elegant solitaire to our signature halo design, each Ritani engagement ring is built with care.

Discover the finest diamond engagement rings, eternity rings and diamond wedding bands available.