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Help teach your child the value of a penny—along with a nickel, dime, and quarter! Whether counting up money in a virtual piggy bank, couch fishing for coins, or practicing decimal division while doing some interactive shopping, these money games will give your child essential math knowledge they'll be excited to apply to the real world.

Pennies games Nickels games Dimes games Quarters games Adding Money games Subtracting Money games Money Word Problems games Number Sense games Addition games Subtraction games Multiplication games Division games Fractions games Measurement games Time games Counting up currency has never been so much fun when you have access to our collection of entertaining money math games.

Adding and subtracting abstract numbers can become mundane, but when you put it into the real life context of earning and spending money, those abstract numbers become concrete concepts that kids can't wait to put into practice.

Our exciting money math games will help your child learn the value of coins and develop the skills to count, spend, and track their money that will carry with them into the real world.

Get your young learners started identifying coins as they go couch fishing with the Brainzy gang, then have them put coins in the order of value with an interactive drag-and-drop activity before adding up the coins they’ve saved in the piggy bank math game.

If your child is ready for more of a challenge, send them shopping with Penelope where they'll help pay for purchases at the cash register, or really up the money math fun in our decimal division games that will have them dividing their money equally across multiple shops to help your child understand where division meets place value.

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