As a gaming group we bear a high social and sociopolitical responsibility that we thoroughly accept and embrace.

Right from the beginning we have integrated this philosophy into our corporate culture and are actively engaged in arts, cultural, sports and social activities and gaming operations to manufacturing and related ancillary services.

NOVOMATIC Gaming Industries Gmb H in turn acts as a holding for various national and international interests within the gaming industry, including Gaming, if strictly regulated and fair, is an entertaining and unwinding pastime.

However, for a small percentage of players, gaming can become the main focus in their life leading to numerous problems Austria’s NOVOMATIC Group, through its Spanish subsidiary NOVOMATIC Gaming Spain, has acquired a majority shareholding in Gi Games.

Through the newly announced partnership with NOVOMATIC, Europe’s largest gaming group and a major player on the world stage, Gi Games and the Conei Group are now confident of ensuring continued growth as manufacturers and distributors of gaming equipment and on expanding and improving their product offerings.

Назначение – автоматизированное получение различных компонентов крови в системе полимерных контейнеров после первичного и вторичного центрифугирования.

We appreciate and promote innovative thinking and problem solving. A., we offer you the opportunity to fulfil your potential by designing and developing innovative first-class software.

The entertainment market is one of the most rapidly expanding business sectors.

Being successful in this field depends on the ability to take advantages of the opportunities offered by the IT industry, identify risks, and adapt to changing conditions.

Since this highly competitive environment requires a dynamic response to customer needs, only a creative approach to new technological solutions can guarantee success.

This is where we – NOVOMATIC Technologies Poland S. – come in with our team of around 300 professionals.

We design and develop software for the electronic entertainment market.