no deposit bonus 300

Play on our game of the day with a guarantee of 10% bonus back up to 10 games bonus on day’s losses!

Opt in & spin £20 cash or above on our selected game of the day between to GMT with the reassurance that you’ll receive 10% bonus back on your day’s losses up to 10 games bonus should lady luck not be on your side!

Today’s game of the day is Bonus back will be credited before 5pm on the following Monday to all qualifying players for cash play on the day’s selected slot games only.

If the account is closed within six months, the bonus is forfeit and deducted at account closing.

I think whoever created the bonus page must be a doctor of credit reader, as they basically ripped off our ‘offer at a glance’ section.

Sadly they didn’t include whether it’s a soft/hard pull though.

Denizen is a start up that has been backed by BBVA, it looks like it’s mainly targeted towards those living abroad or working in different counties.

They have no monthly fees, no ATM fees, no transfer fees and no foreign exchange fees.

You also receive a free Visa card (Mastercard debit card is for those in Europe).

Overall that sounds pretty good, especially when coupled with a $100 sign up bonus.

My only concern would be what exchange rate is being used, according to the knowledge base they use the prior days exchange rate for direct transactions and Visa/Mastercard set the rate for the debit card transaction.

For consumers it’s basically impossible to get a better rate than what Visa/Mastercard set so this is a good deal.