night of sevens

In all your years in Eden, have you come across any love stories that have moved you to tears?

Event Duration The Night of Sevens August 3 2017 (Thursday, after maintenance) to August 31 2017 (Thursday) C. Event Intro Every romance story has tear-jerker moments. Simply log in daily to get the limited item [Enchanted-Ardent Roses (30 days)].

The 28 of August this year is the Night of Sevens, and the story of the weaver girl and the cowherd has been celebrated for centuries on this day.

The log in reward for August 28 has been modified, and 1 Enchanted-Ardent Roses (30 days) has been added.

Genesis is behind this exciting slots game, Night of Sevens.

The five reel, five payline game offers a range of bonus features, including a two-way payline and free spins.

The story itself has been inspired by the Chinese Valentine's Day - so players will definitely 'feel the love' when the reels start spinning. In the Lunar calendar, the seventh day of the seventh month is very special.

There is an age old legend which tells us that, on this day, a bridge may be formed by a flock of magpies.

Running between the stars, two lovers can then be together, reunited for this night only.

These famous lovers are Niu Lang and his one and only true, soulmate and lover, Zhi Nu.

This is a powerful and very famous legend in the Chinese world and players are welcomed to experience the magic, falling head over heels in love alongside the beautiful couple, Niu Lang and Zhi Nu.

The paylines are two-way in this game, which presents many more opportunities to win.