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If you're not hearing sound please use GOOGLE CHROME. If the stage doesn't LOAD please REFRESH / RELOAD the page. Copyright 2008-2016 to Robin Vencel, Pencilkids Ltd. Monkey GO Happy GAMES ARE CREATED BY ROBIN VENCEL, the Monkey Happy !

Collect 10 mini monkeys in each stage then write down the clue inside the backpack to unlock bonus stage after every 6 stages completed to make the Monkey GO Happy! Optimized for desktop/laptop and newer mobile tablets (ipad 4 ).

That’s right, play them directly on your desktop anytime!

In this category, you better not be a square because you will have to lose all seriousness aside!

Overall, these games are where reality sets aside to make way for over-the-top gameplay, and a ridiculously explosive experience! […] Halfbrick Studios brings another hilarious take on classic arcade gaming with Dan The Man Action Platformer.

Whether you prefer hysterical and crazy ninja monkey games, crazy car games or insane sports and action, we got you covered! Lakewood Plaza Turbo is the official brawler game from Cartoon Network, complete with the same crazy action and comedy straight from the TV show! Relive the glory days of the arcade in a beautifully made 2D side-scrolling action platformer that will take you on a wild ride through an even wilder story.

Que pasa, welcome to Angry Bull 2016 – the only bullfighting simulator that lets you play as the bull itself: El Toro! O.’s here and he’s got a brand new beat em up game that’s really gonna knock your socks off! With fists of fury and totally inappropriate behavior, Dan The […] Gather up to six of your friends and family to a wild and wacky game of mini golf.

If you think goats exploding cities and geese stealing the farmer’s equipment were ridiculous enough, you haven’t seen the end of it. brings the family fun-filled world of mini golf into the virtual with a crazy game of Golf Battle!

Angry Bull 2016 puts you in the hooves of the great […] Listen up, OK K. Experience the excitement of challenging your friends in real time online multiplayer to find out who is the […] Tanks A Lot! It’s so addictive that you’ll be itching to play one game after another. , these tanks become your personal […] Get thrown right into the action in this offline zombie game where the undead have risen and it’s your job to send them back to the grave, and this time, makes sure that it is permanent.

It’s an unblocked games tank trouble that you simply can’t put down. Immediately upon entering the game, you will get right into the first mission, you’re tasked with saving another survivor […] There’s just something aesthetically pleasing about Drifty Chase that we couldn’t get enough of – the cartoony visuals, the retro theme of the beginning of the 21st century, the explosive displays, the music, the sound effects…

Or perhaps it’s just really a good game that we consider as one of the best car chase games […] Did you grow up watching the classic Goosebumps TV series or perhaps have read any of R. Stine’s classic horror books for the young audience?

Ever wished Goosebumps had its own video unblocked games for school?