magic gate

Is a significant element in the Final Fantasy series important for both the gameplay and plot.

As a gameplay element, magic is the counterpart of physical attacks, and generally, those who mainly use magic are called mages.

In the plot, magic has a major influence in the workings of a game's world and can be used both to destroy and to save it.

Magic is, by definition, "the art of producing a desired effect or result via incantation or various other techniques that assure human control of supernatural agencies or the forces of nature".

The Final Fantasy series features various methodologies and schools of magic to manipulate the forces of nature through knowledge or various items, sometimes even bordering on scientific and technological.

The use of magic in the series is not always exclusive to the Magic command available in each game.

For example, games like Final Fantasy IX and Final Fantasy X feature abilities that, while not considered part of the usual magic schools such as White or Black, require MP to use and cause "unnatural" or "superhuman" effects, such as poisoning or debilitating enemies.

Some games feature Limit Break abilities, which may be healing or protective, create destructive energy blasts, or allow the user to attack an enemy multiple times in succession; they usually do not consume MP, instead having their own gauges to fill or triggering conditions.

Technicks in Final Fantasy XII are supernatural abilities that require no MP and are seen as a contrast and parallel to magick.

Thus, though any manipulation of energies to achieve feats beyond normal human abilities could be considered "magic," the variety of different abilities with similar workings make a single, definitive definition of magic impossible; what constitutes magic is thus vast, but ill-defined.

Magic is one of the two principal forms of attack in the series, the other being physical attacks.

Although the specific features of the magic system vary significantly from game to game, many concepts have remained consistent. In the original Final Fantasy magic is split between "White Magic"—healing and battle support spells—and "Black Magic"—offensive spells.