lucky zodiac

No one can always have good luck or suffer from bad luck all the time.

There are ups and downs in life and you should seize the opportunities in the year of good luck.

See the following for the year and age of best luck for each of the 12 zodiac signs.

Rat For Rats, the year of Dragon means good luck and certain achievement, in which they will come out top and pass the examination.

In the year of Ox, they can make great achievements in career.

Generally, the good luck begins when they are still teenagers and they can cut a figure early.

Ox In the year of Rat, everything will go well with the Ox people and they can always turn ill luck into good and regain health without medicine even if fall sick.

In the year of Snake, Oxen will have good luck for wealth and career.

From the perspective of numerology, the good luck for Oxen begins later than Rats, generally at the age of 25 and 26.

Tiger Tigers will have extremely good luck in the year of Pig, during which they can expect happy events and golden opportunities not to be missed.

In the year of Horse, everything will go well and smoothly with them and they will have the chance for promotion. It seems that the good luck for Tigers begins after the age of 30.

If they make a figure at the age of twenties, they should be careful about the anti-climax.