luck double

When Lu Chi Fa’s parents died in 1944, he was only three years old.

The timing of he tragedy could not have been worse– it was a time of political turmoil and severe hardship in China.

Few people willingly took in orphans, and Chi Fa’s extended family was no exception.

The young boy was shuffled from one house to another as his relatives turned him away, one by one.

Even his loving sister was forbidden by her husband to take him under her roof.

Chi fa was always hungry, often cold, and frequently beaten.

But through all his struggles, he held onto his sister’s hopeful words: “You are lucky, Chi Fa.

Good fortune will find you.” This stirring memoir of a painful childhood tells a story of resilience and courage, and attests to the power of even small acts of kindness.

Excerpt from the book: I don't remember the name of the Communist chief who paid five hundred pounds of rice for me.

He was middle-aged and had recently married for the first time. Communist Father reasoned that his stepson was too old for him to train, but I was a very small boy, and in his eyes, I was still trainable. Communist Father said this his stepson was Number One Son and I was Number Two Son. That was how I got my new name, Shang Shii, which means "double luck." Double Luck's story is filled to the brim with account after account of how the human spirit can triumph.

In the Chinese language, the word "crisis" is written with two symbols: one meaning "danger" and the other meaning "opportunity." Chi Fa's childhood certainly was filled with crisis. But through his struggles, Double Luck always looked for opportunity.

His amazing story will give every person who learns of it the best that life has to offer - hope in days of despair and strength in unfortunate times.