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Duong Phuc was the Newsroom chief of the South Vietnamese Army’s Radio Station and a Vietnam war correspondent since 1969 until 1973.

He was among the first delegates to Hanoi to cover the release of American POWs in 1973 and went on to become a senior presidential reporter, covering the President of the Republic of Vietnam.

Phuc’s personal and professional achievements earned him multiple awards, including the Bronze Star of Valor at War (1969) and Best War Correspondent Award (1971).

When South Vietnam fell under Communism in 1975, Phuc was imprisoned as a political prisoner from 1975 until his escape from prison in 1977.

Phuc then became a fugitive living underground for two years until he fled Vietnam by boat with his family.

Facing atrocities at seas as a refugee, Duong Phuc and his journalist wife made international headlines when they became first victim-witnesses publicly testifying against the piracy in the Gulf of Siam.

The journalist couple later joined the multi-nation/multi-million dollar efforts to rescue more than 3,000 refugee boat people drifting in the South China Sea.

In 1998, Phuc came to Houston to be the Chief Executive Officer of a California-based Vietnamese radio station.

In 1999, Phuc bought out the station and co-founded Mass Media Inc.’s Radio Saigon Houston 900 AM, a station that he co-owns with his wife.

Within four years, under their management and dedication to serving the local needs of Vietnamese-Houstonians, the station has grown from what used to be a small, time-shared California project with a staff of five into the only full-service Asian station in Houston, with contributions from 80 professionals from all over Houston.

As a result of the station’s professionalism and goodwill, Phuc has been recognized with a 2002 Community Service Award by the Houston Police Department; awarded the “2004 Entrepreneur of the Year” by Asian Entrepreneur Magazine; the “2006 Asian Business Leadership Award” by the U. Pan Asian Chamber of Commerce and Wells Fargo Bank, and the “2006 Lifetime Achievement Award” honored by the Asian American Journalist Association.

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