leon review

When i started working out to this program i was skiny fat...

Honestly i followed the work outs verbatum, and tried hard to follow the diet.

After the first 90 days i had put on roughly 25 lbs of muscle and felt great.

Parents need to know that this action thriller includes some scenes of extreme violence, including one in which a family -- including a 4-year-old boy -- is brutally gunned down in their home.

There are also explosions, abuse (of a 12-year-old), and more.

The 12-year-old girl develops an unusual relationship with a much older hitman (who teaches her his trade); there's an undercurrent of chemistry between them.

Strong language includes "f--k" and "bitch"; characters also drink and smoke.

" /Characters on both sides of the law engage in criminal or immoral behavior, including killing, drug dealing, and mob activity.

The main character, a hitman, is portrayed as an otherwise caring soul who tries to rise to the challenge when he must protect a little girl.

Law-enforcement characters are portrayed as crooked and more morally bankrupt than the film's criminals.

Graphic violence throughout, including murder, shooting, explosions.

A knife is held to a man's throat; people have guns pointed at them or held to them.