лайв блэкджек

From a players perspective, it’s as close to playing in a Land Based casino that you can get.

In fact, there are a few innovations that keep the game ticking along, so when the table is full the online game is actually faster than a land based game.

Evolution Live Blackjack is played to Vegas Rules on a 7 seat table.

8 decks of cards are used and they are replaced when ¾ of the shoe has been dealt. This is either shuffled by a machine or on a separate table.

There is a range of available and you can split matched pairs and double your hand whenever you like. If the dealers up card is an Ace he will check for a Blackjack after insurance is offered to the table. The cards are generally shuffled in full sight of you as your playing.

Blackjack is hosted from primarily two studio locations.

The biggest by far is the Riga Studios in Latvia, where most of the English speaking tables are located.

The International language tables are hosted in a The tables are sorted into two major categories: General play – These are generic tables that all casinos have access to. There tend to be more tables open for lower stakes players and less for the VIP or High Rollers.

Dedicated tables – where online casinos have invested in their own table areas just for their players.

The tables and areas are fully branded and normally use the same dealers.

At busy times there is more chance of getting a seat on one of these tables.

Personally, I always try and play somewhere that has dedicated tables.