крупнейшие казино мира

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Casinos today are typically all about one word: BIG.

Everything from the buffets, to the attached hotels, to the selection of games, are progressively getting bigger year-after-year as casinos race to continually outdo each other and become the biggest casino in their region (or the world).

At the moment, Macau, China, is indisputably the “big” winner due to its collection of eight of the world’s 10 largest casinos.

While we could have made a list simply of the largest casinos from there only, below we have instead compiled a sampling list of some of the world’s other largest casinos (with a few Macau ones still thrown in, of course).

Square Feet: 26,900Slot and Table Games: 1,235Bars and Restaurants: 10The inspiration for the James Bond novel Casino Royale, southwest Lisbon is home to Europe’s largest casino.

In addition to the usual large selection of games and dining options that most mega-casinos have, Estoril has its own art gallery, live music venue, and nightclub that guests can all enjoy after they are done gambling.

Square Feet: 171,500Slot and Table Games: 2,639Bars and Restaurants: 27The largest hotel in the world when it opened in 1993, Vegas’ MGM Grand property hosts five pools and lazy rivers that cover 6.5 acres, a convention center, and a 17,000-seat arena in addition to its over 2500 slot machines.

Once famous for its live lion habitat in the casino area, guests can now instead take part in an interactive, crime-solving experience, themed after the hit TV show CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

Square Feet: 180,000Slot and Table Games: 1,975Bars and Restaurants: 5Formerly the Casino de Tigre, the Trilenium Casino in Buenos Aires probably isn’t the largest casino on our list.