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It finally happened: after well over a year of playing Battle Royale style games, Kiko and I were finally able to win one. Of course, like all victories, this one is a catastrophe for someone - ironically, it's me. The only thing I actually know about Kingdom Hearts is…

We spent a profundity of corporate resources manufacturing a brand build entirely around failure. Well, I guess its density has drawn me in a few times, in a few different ways.

We even have merchandise that celebrates that failure. I can't claim worthiness to enter the temple but I can enjoy the occasional minaret. Another shot fired in the Epic/Valve store thing, this time via a one year period of exclusivity for Metro Exodus.

If someone were to ask me about it, what I thought, I would say that it is a game that has someone in it named "Xehanort." I don't follow this stuff unless Gabe is playing it and I don't really mess with it too much in general, but I have never for a second forgotten this… So, at 4pm PST, Acquisitions Incorporated: The "C" Team makes its triumphant return to the Twitch Stage.

Coming in hot off the premiere at PAX South, we could not be more excited to get back in the groove of weekly shows. Of course, while he was drawing it on the stream, he said that he feels compelled to draw extra hard when he finds the script lacking.

Indeed, to celebrate this storied return, we offer a pin whose purpose to to fearfully and reverently honor the viewer - the Shadow Council pin: It looks really fucking cool. (CW)TB I feel like Gabriel reaaally had fun drawing this strip. But, you know, joke's on him: it's mostly his script.

امروز، از دکتر خیراندیش تقدیر و ایشان را با لفظ حکیم تمام معرفی نمود.

وی خاطرنشان کرد که ما با تمام قوا از این حکیم ارزشمند حمایت می‌کنیم؛ همانگونه که مقام معظم رهبری نیز از پروفسور خیراندیش حمایت کرده است.

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