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Here you will learn about difference between cookies and cache i.e. Both are downloaded to your computer but they have different purposes.

Cookies are download to record your previous activities on a particular website.

On other hand Cache are used to store the web-pages in memory so when user visits that webpage again then webpage can be loaded from the memory instead of downloading files from web-server again.

Files downloaded to your computer memory to store the current version of the webpage so next time browser doesn’t need to download all the files again from the internet when we visit that webpage again. What is: Cookies (also known as web-cookie, internet cookie or browser cookie) are small files downloaded to your computer.

These files are sent from the website that we’re browsing and downloaded by web browser to our computer.

These small files may have the information like which links you’ve been visited, buttons you clicked, your log in information, or the pages were visited in the past.

When we’ll visit that website next time then the website will use that information to track our previous activity on their website.

It can also remember the information that previously entered into form fields like name, date, birth detail, credit card number etc.

On other hand, Cache is nothing but some downloaded files in memory which is used by browsers to access web-pages with high speed.

When we open a webpage, the pages and all its files are downloaded as browser’s cache in our computer hard drive.

When we visits that webpage again, if the resources and dependencies of that web page are still same as our last visit, then browser will fetch that entire webpage or some files of that webpage from the hard drive instead of downloading it from web server, which will increase the speed of accessing that webpage. It holds the resources like files, audio, video and flash files.

Advantages: There are many advantages of cookie like it doesn’t take much memory in our computer and storing the cookies on client-side reduces the burden from the server. Whereas, Cache improves the browsing experience by increasing the speed of accessing websites.