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Они расщепляют и поглощают трудноперевариваемые пищевые волокна. Детям и взрослым, по всем направлениям колеса жизни.

Работа бактерий — иногда наш последний шанс извлечь из этих волокон питательные вещества. У нас есть мечта: Мы будем издавать крутые книги → Книги начнут менять людей → Люди изменят мир.

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Audiobooks Biography & Memoir Book Club Favorites Business & Economics Children Cooking Crosswords e Book Deals Fiction Health & Wellness History Mystery/Detective Politics Romance Science Fiction Star Trek Teen Thrillers All Categories After awakening from its long communist slumber, Russia in the 1990s was a place where everything and everyone was for sale, and fortunes could be made and lost overnight.

Into this free-market maelstrom stepped rookie Wall Street Journal reporter Matthew Brzezinski, who was immediately pulled into the mad world of Russian capitalism -- where corrupt bankers and fast-talking American carpetbaggers presided over the biggest boom and bust in financial history.

Brzezinski's adventures take him from the solid-gold bathroom fixtures of Moscow's elite, to the last stop on the Trans-Siberian railway, where poverty-stricken citizens must buy water by the pail from the local crime lord, and back to civilization, to stumble into a drunken birthday bash for an ultra-nationalist politico.

It's an irreverent, lurid, and hilarious account of one man's tumultuous trek through a capitalist market gone haywire -- and a nation whose uncertain future is marked by boundless hope and foreboding despair.

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