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King Kong is a classic movie monster who resembles a gigantic ape.

He has appeared in various films, TV shows, cartoons, comics, and video games.

The character first appeared in the 1933 film King Kong, which received universal acclaim upon its initial release and re-releases. Megaprimatus Kong, was a large, rare, gorilla-like pongine great ape from Skull Island.

The humans who settled on the island long ago were a devoted culture who revered the giant Kong apes that abound throughout their art.

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The show in this otherwise blundering musical, in which a low-wattage cast gamely trudges through one embarrassing number or cliché-ridden book scene after another.

Even if the star puppet might be better suited for an arena spectacle or theme-park attraction, you can't take your eyes off this technological marvel, not least for its incredible facial expressiveness.

It's completely appropriate that the animatronic gorilla and its operators get the show's final bow.

This is a rare time I can honestly say that while the stage spectacle. " That might not be 100 percent accurate, but either way, the ape is simply amazing.

"He's not a film," exclaims Carl Denham in a moment of revelation from the megalomaniacal movie director, a vanilla villain in Eric William Morris' insipid performance. The puppet, a gargantuan mass of leathery skin, muscle and sinew weighing 2,000 pounds and measuring 20 feet high, was designed by Sonny Tilders, head of Creature Technology Company.

That animatronics division is an offshoot of Australian production company Global Creatures, which had arena hits with The puppet is operated by 10 nimble performers who scamper up and down the towering ape's back, wielding his rigging ropes and jumping off his body to maneuver his huge limbs.