keno casino game

Nothing a player can do will influence the numbers drawn.

Nonetheless, there are some guidelines for playing Keno wisely.

An attraction of Keno is that unlike certain casino games such as Blackjack, it offers large jackpots.

When you bet on less than the maximum total of numbers, however, the payout decreases.

So for entertainment purposes you can regularly bet on only two numbers, and you will win smaller amounts with greater frequency than if you were to regularly bet on 15 numbers..

In a strategy called ‘Let the Old Man Chase You,’ you play numbers that haven’t come up in recent games.

In ‘Chase the Old Man,’ you do bet on the numbers which have recently come up.

‘Play It Again’ involves retrieving a discarded losing ticket from a previous game and replaying the numbers on it.

In a ‘Successive Numbers’ strategy, players bet on consecutive numbers, i.e. When a player bets on the same numbers over a series of Keno ‘races,’ the strategy is called ‘Let It Ride.’As is the case with any casino game, money management is an important part of your playing strategy.

Although a straight Keno wager is typically small, the more sophisticated betting options can add up to a tidy sum.

You do want to be sure you aren’t betting more than you can afford.

Also worth your while is a reading of the odds for a given payout, available in the casino you are visiting.