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If you are a fan of the bright lights of the slots, or fancy trying to bluff your way to victory at the poker table, you can do it.

Yet, arguably the most entertaining game of all is roulette.

The speed, the thrill, the joy, you experience it all – and in a matter of seconds.

Another positive aspect is the unpredictability, but that comes at a cost, because you don’t always win — although that’s part of the fun.

However, nobody likes losing, so here at Coral, whether you win or lose, you will be rewarded with FREE chips! Five days at work beckons, and you’re probably not feeling ideal after the weekend, but don’t worry because our Golden Chips offer will perk you up.

That’s because when you play roulette with us, from Friday to midnight on Sunday, we will refund 20% of losses and add 10% to any winnings!

They will be credited by 5pm on Monday, so you can easily get through the day knowing what’s waiting for you. Any bonuses will be credited as golden chips, with the refunds capped at £100 and winnings at £50. The weekends give you the time to relax and enjoy yourself and what better way than roulette at Coral? From Friday to Sunday you can play, and it will be safe in the knowledge that even if you lose, the damage won’t be as significant — but be sure to check the full T&C’s before you join up.

There you go, another great offer for you to take advantage of.

You know the terms, you know the dates and you know what to play.

So enjoy yourself, and wait for your golden chips on Monday afternoon, then the fun can start again.

For resorts outside Macau, that means they can theoretically offer “cashless” gaming tables such as the wildly popular baccarat.

In Hainan, which is seeking to become China’s version of Hawaii, resorts are beginning to offer such gaming tables.