казино webmoney

Web Money is an electronic currency system for making secure online payments that is run by WM Transfer Ltd.

It is similar to Paypal and other e-currency services.

The registration process requires email verification and you are asked to verify your identity through sending an SMS from your mobile phone.

Once you become verified at Web Money you can verify other Web Money users. The WM Keeper Classic is a downloadable program that you install on your computer.

The WM Keeper Light is a browser-based app that does not require installation while the Telepat is a technology that allows you to access your account on a mobile device.

Web Money handles $100 million each day and has millions of users the world over.

Web Money got its start in Russia but now is a very popular international e-currency system.

Your Web Money account is run in gold equivalents (WMG), US dollar equivalents (WMZ), rule equivalents (WMR0), Euro equivalents (WME) or hryvnia equivalents (WMU).

Web Money is routinely accepted at many of the top online casinos.

These units are tokens used within the Web Money system to indicate the ‘real’ money equivalents to the users’ balance.

For example, a balance of WMZ 100 is equal to $100.

Basically, these tokens can be considered a separate currency of their own that are pegged to their ‘real’ equivalent at a 1:1 ratio.