казино виртуальная игра

Forget what you know about online casinos, the game is about to change.

The power of virtual reality technology is transforming online casinos into immersive, interactive experiences that are the next best thing to being there.

Although social gaming and online gambling platforms have grown loyal customer bases over the last decade, VR casinos will soon begin to siphon off gamers and gamblers, alike, from 2D and 3D gambling platforms.

Even if it is, perhaps, too early to lay down the “disruption” card, virtual reality casino platforms offer a lifelike experience so real that old gaming technology simply cannot compete.

From expansive and luxurious casinos that users can experience in fully-immersive 3D to highly-interactive multiplayer gameplay, VR casinos include everything but complimentary drinks on the house. In his article, we will preview the technology that is poised to impact the i Gaming and i Gambling industries in a big way. Analysts predict that bets made through VR gambling will reach nearly $520 billion by 2021, an 800% increase over this year’s humble beginnings.

In the world of online casinos, there are two basic types: entertainment casinos and real money casinos.

Entertainment casinos allow users to play the slots, roulette wheel, or card games with no opportunity of monetary reward for winning.

Real money casinos, on the other hand, target players who play for the chance to win cash.

Advances in technology have elevated platforms for top casinos of both types from 2D to 3D in recent years — nice, but still lacking in anything close to true realism. Through tremendous advances in VR software and hardware, virtual reality casinos go beyond mere pseudo-3D interfaces and plunge players right onto the casino floor.

By using a VR headset and compatible VR i Gambling platform, users can enjoy a lifelike, interactive casino experience and engage other players in real time.

The following features are typical of what VR casinos offer: Players can even stop off at the bar for a drink, or sit in the lounge and talk with other players.

As opposed to gimmicky gamified casinos, VR platform developers are making the VR experience as lifelike as possible, right down to the ability to fire up a cigar during the game.