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Day or night, Las Vegas is an endlessly exciting city.

During the daytime, visitors can explore the canyons and hiking trails in the desert or go to one of the many museums and attractions.

At night, when the resorts and casinos light up, there are an endless array of restaurants to try, bars to visit, shows to experience or gaming tables to play at.

Discovering Las Vegas can take days or weeks, and travelers who have one amazing trip to this desert jewel may end up coming back time and again.

Since there are so many exciting things to do in Vegas, any list of experiences to try is just a jumping-off point.

People will naturally find new adventures based on their own interests.

Walking through Las Vegas, visitors can encounter roller coasters and other high-octane experiences, as if the whole city was one big amusement park.

While some locations, such as the Stratosphere Tower, are designed with rides in mind, others, such as New York-New York, offer roller coasters alongside more general resort and casino reactions.

For a more relaxing type of experience that still captures the amusement park spirit, there’s the High Roller Observation Wheel, a 30-minute ride known for informative presentations and spectacular views.

Though Vegas’s reputation comes from its many flashy attractions, there are also places to get a more informative experience.

For example, the Las Vegas Museum of Natural History contains exhibits on dinosaurs, as well as modern-day creatures of the land and sea.

One of the museum’s star attractions pays tribute to human history rather than nature – the premises host a replica of Tutankhamen’s tomb.