казино сьерра мадре

A bright, shining monument luring treasure hunters to their doom...

Foolishness about it lying in the middle of the City of the Dead, buried beneath a blood-red cloud.

It remained available only to Xbox 360 users for three months, before being released on PC and PS3 on February 22, 2011. It is bundled with the Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition, released on February 7, 2012 for all platforms.

The add-on focuses on the Sierra Madre, a pre-War casino and resort built by Frederick Sinclair.

Slated for opening in late October 2077, the Gala event never took place.

Instead, as the cutting edge security systems detected incoming warheads and nuclear detonations, they sealed up the casino, locking guests and crews within, dooming them to a slow, painful death.

But the Sierra Madre was more than just an extravagant resort. The climate control and air conditioning systems "malfunctioned," releasing a red cloud that would hang over the Sierra Madre, dooming all who entered it.

It was a fortress, a furnace within which a new civilization would be forged. And within it, the ghost people, once the humans trapped within hazmat suits, stalk the streets, abducting any who decide to brave the dangers of the Sierra Madre.

The Madre became a legend, a rumor about a City of Gold passed around saloons and camp fires late at night.

Posters advertising its grand opening are scattered across the wastelands, fueling the mystery, while the mysterious broadcast continues to attract would-be scavengers and looters.

Only one person found the Madre and lived to tell the tale: Father Elijah. The very same person who follows the broadcast to the abandoned Brotherhood of Steel bunker, like so many others before him.

This former Elder of the Mojave chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel has gone missing after the Brotherhood's defeat at Helios One. Little does Elijah suspect that the Courier will crack the riddle of the Sierra Madre and unearth its dark secrets.