казино рулетка орг

The first form of roulette known to us was envisioned roughly around the 18th century and named after the French word for ‘little wheel’.

Little these inventors knew but the Greentube European Roulette would become a huge success for centuries to come and would be on the list of the most played games at Energy Casino.

Play Play Your spinning adventure can have a head start at Energy Casino with a 100% reload bonus up to €200 on your first deposit. You can still get 50% up to €200 on your second deposit.

The game also allows you to win up to 36x your bets and also higher your stakes with certain combinations to yield huge prizes.

Discover your bonuses Even if it is your first time playing a roulette game you might find easy to sit and enjoy a good spinning at our Greentube European Roulette.

To get started is quite simple, you just need to have a good look at the table and let your inner luck guide you before you choose where you think the ball will land.

You mark your guess and bet by placing the chips on the table.

As soon as you place your bet, simply start the wheel spinning by pressing the button "Spin" or "Quick Spin".

There is a wide variety of possible bets for anyone who wants to give the European Roulette a nice spin.

You can go for red or black, even-odd, low or high numbers (1-18 or 19-36), split bets, Street bet, Corner bet, Six-line, Dozens, Columns and the straight up, which is basically guessing right any single number and obviously it is the highest paying bet with up to 36x your stake.

The stake of the bet depends on the sum of the chips placed on the table, with the minimum stake being the lowest available chip.

The maximum must be determined for both the round as well as for individual bets.