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저기 있는 검색창 왼쪽의 화살표를 누르면 네이버, 다음, 싸이월드 id 검색 등이 있어 신상정보, 개인정보를 알아내는 수단으로 사용된다고합니다.

사실 신상을 털기 위한 별다른 기술이 들어간 것은 아니고 그저 링크만 시켜놓은 사이트로 포털사이트의 id를 검색하기 쉽게 만들었기 때문에 법적으로는 문제가 없어 보입니다.

하지만 나중에 문제가 생기지 않게 하려면 앞으로는 각 포털사이트의 id를 암호화시켜야 할 듯하네요.

After the end of the war of crusaders (The War of Power) the world's balance was shattered, followed by massive diastrophism and sudden climate change.

The impact of these geographical changes was so great that the map of the continent had to be redrawn. High mountains that were formed by the great diastrophism made all existing means of transportation useless.

As a result, all the countries lost their control over regional territories.

The landlords of those territories that lost contact with their ruling countries had to become independent to protect themselves from the Encablossian creatures that had made their way to the Bersian continent through a dimensional rift.

They began to look for brave warriors in order to claim their independence.

Through this dimensional crack that formed during the great diastrophism appeared the Encablossians in the Bersian continent.

They called themselves returners, claiming that they were residents of the continent long ago in the previous age; to others, they were the Encablossians.

Although they sent a messenger to every country in the continent to let them know that they had come in peace, this gesture was welcomed only by Vellond.

While humans were putting their efforts toward overcoming the great diastrophism, it was the kingdom of Hironeiden that brought several races together to form the Human Alliance.