казино принцес

оферта за Великден със закуска, обяд и вечеря, БЕЗПЛАТНО СПА, фитнес, паркинг, минерален Басейн - Лонг Бийч Ризорт и Спа - Шкорпиловци - Акватоничен басейн с топла минерална вода, All inclusive"/ от 78 лв.

Car adventure - WIN THIS CAR - Спечели Citroen C4 на в София Принцес Казино.

Car Adventure - възможността да си тръгнете с един от четирите Citroen C4. На ще ви очакват големи изненади с участието на Емилия и атрактивна шоу програма в Casino Princess Sofia.

Princess Hotel & Casino Free Zone is located in the free zone between the borders of Belize and Mexico and is 150 km away from Belize International Airport and only 8 km away from the Chetumal Quintana Roo Airport. This location is also convenient for those wishing to shop in the free zone where merchandise is quite inexpensive.

A 50 bed capacity hotel with restaurant and meeting facilities is also available.

The casino is opened 24 hours everyday, and there are169 personnel professionally serving our customers.

Our cosmopolitan- style casino atmosphere is a pleasure to numerous customers.

More BELIZE is an independent Commonwealth country which lies on the Caribbean coast of Central America and boarders with Mexico and Guatemala.

The country achieved Independence from Great Britain in 1981 and the constitutional system is a parliamentary democracy based upon the Westminster model.

More Each room is fully equipped and designed to satisfy all your needs.

All the rooms have air conditioning, private bathrooms, cable T.

V., 24 hour room service, Wi-Fi, fax services, and access to local and international calls.