казино прага

Recently, I had the blessing of some time off before starting a new full-time job.

In line with my #8 poker goal of 2014, I decided to capitalize on the opportunity to take a special poker vacation, with Prague as my chosen destination.

While I did a good bit of touring over the three days I was there (you should too!

), my late afternoons and evenings (well into the wee hours of each morning) were full of some great poker action.

Unless you speak Czech, however, it can be pretty tough to navigate the Prague poker scene.

Here at the Cardplayer Lifestyle poker blog, we’re all about providing good, useful, and entertaining information to recreational poker players.

Thus, the idea for writing up this guide to playing poker in Prague was born.

Regardless of the time of year you head to Prague for a vacation, you’re assured some great poker if you know where to look and a great time at the felt if you know what to expect.

So, without further ado, I’m happy to present to you the recreational poker player’s guide to playing poker in Prague.

Before I get into reviewing the three poker rooms I played at in Prague, here are a number of observations I noted while playing that you’d be wise not to ignore.

You couldn’t possibly expect a complete guide to playing poker in Prague without a Czech/check Rounders joke, right?

☺ In any event, the overwhelming majority of players you’ll find at your tables will be local Czechs.