казино онлайн бесплатно голдфишка

That much is apparent the moment you alight on its homepage and are confronted by a wall of, well, Russian.

Lest the name didn’t make it clear, the poker chip icon with a yellow fish in its centre will: Goldfishka is Russian for goldfish.

One thing that Russian websites can be relied on to be is non-conformist.

At your average online casino, you’d be greeted by a message informing you that you were ineligible to play were you to try and access the site from a non-licensed region.

That’s not the case at Goldfishka, who instead offer a guide containing “5 proven methods” to bypass geo-restrictions and play at the site.

For the record, these include installing the Goldfishka plugin for the Opera browser, accessing a mirror of the site, downloading the casino software to play and using the VPN feature built into the Opera browser.

The site was established in 2002, and since then it seems to have been on a mission to go against the grain, serving as a sort of anti-establishment casino that bucks all trends, at least within the Western world. Should you require customer support while playing at Goldfishka, by the way, email is your only option.

Goldfishka is of course targeted at Russian players, who can indulge in all their favourite casino games while keeping it homegrown.

Why transfer your funds to a foreign website when you can keep all your activities within Mother Russia?

Microgaming’s software powers the site, whose reputation is supposedly high within Russia.

One notable provision of Goldfishka – one that few other casinos can claim – is that it donates some of its profits to a charity designed to aid needy children and adults.

One of the ways in which Goldfishka drums up new customers is by operating a successful affiliate scheme.