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If there is a company that could be said to have been there at the birth of the online gambling industry, Microgaming is it.

In business for more than two decades now, the company is still one of the leading names in the Internet casino business, providing software to more than 100 different sites.

But despite a long track record of success, this group certainly hasn’t been resting on its laurels.

The company has continued to innovate on a regular basis, and now features hundreds of games that continue to be among the most played titles in the business.

Microgaming Software Systems has been a part of Internet gambling since at least 1994, when the company says they launched what was the first fully-functional online casino.

Based on the Isle of Man in the United Kingdom, the company has maintained a leading role in the industry ever since that time, never truly drifting out of the top tier of providers to Internet operators.

The company has also become well-known for their online poker network, which has undergone several name changes over the years.

Today, it is known as The MPN, and offers innovations like anonymous tables as part of an attempt to protect more casual players from professionals. Microgaming now has a suite of more than 800 unique games and hundreds more variations on those creations, giving them one of, if not the largest libraries in the business.

Predictably, the buck of this number comes from slot machines, an area where the company continues to bring new titles to the market every month.

At times, these have included some very innovative concepts: this company was one of the first to explore the 243 ways style of slots, for instance.

Between partnerships that have given them access to lucrative licensed properties, and original creations that have become iconic in their own right, chances are that you’ve heard of at least some of their slots before.