казино мафии

Under your wise guidance, your family has reached new grounds, but your rival Maroni must be planning something big.

Traces of his boys have been sighted in the neighborhood, according to reliable informant, those boys might be carrying a secret letter of Maroni, and marked on that letter is Maroni’s main source of income - the location of his casino.

BOSS, should we hit it hard and cut off his source?

Tommaso Buscetta broke the Mafia oath of silence, popularly known as Omerta.

His revelations of the mafia’s inner workings reverberated across the world and later exposed its hushed activities in Kenya.

One of the people revealed after another leader of a 179-man Mafioso gang followed Buscetta’s suit was the managing director of the International Casino, a popular gambling den in Nairobi.

Count Giorgio Borletti was revealed as the ‘Africa representative’ of an Italian Mafia leader.

The Kenyan press said Borletti had been exposed as a member of the mafia who had been exporting cocaine and other drugs using the casino business and horticultural exports as a cover.

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Gang member The gang was led by Angelo Epaminoda, who after his arrest “allegedly violated the omerta” and told Italian police that Borletti was a gang member.

The now-defunct Kenya Times wrote that Bortelli used his huge financial influence to have his contract to operate his Kenyan casino business renewed by paying a former cabinet minister Sh10 million.

Bortelli had been given a contract by the Government to run a casino in Nairobi under terms which would allow the Kenyan government to break the monopoly.