казино клуб слава

Did you know that the word "casino" hides its Italian roots in the word "casa", originally used for a small villa, summerhouse or a social club?

During the XIX century, the term casino was adopted to mark any public building designed for game activities and the enjoyment of aristocrats and upper class.

Relying on the centuries-old tradition that began in 1638 at Venice Ridotto, the house of cards during the carnival - Casino Pasha is the place your luck looks forward to, as it can emerge in all its glory and splendor.

Visiting a casino is always some kind of adventure, a moment when you challenge the stars to show you their grace.

Moreover, when that adventure takes place in a luxurious and comfortable ambient, only 50 meters away from the heart of the bay, the old town of Kotor - you become the main character in this exciting movie.

Whether you want to try your luck, taste some of our dreamy specialties, carefully developed by our devoted cooks or just wish to slowly sip a cocktail in our bar, we promise you a night of your life – with exclusive wines, both traditional and exotic dishes made of freshest fish you will ever taste and the finest local meat, all crowned with our heavenly desserts.

The Coral Casino Beach and Cabana Club is a private membership club, situated atop Butterfly Beach at Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore Santa Barbara.

Built in 1937, this legendary establishment and historic landmark has a rich history steeped in the glory of Hollywood, celebrated architecture and fine hoteliers.

In the fall of 1936, the Biltmore Hotel’s owner, Robert Stewart Odell, put into motion plans for a grand, first-class social club where prominent families of the area, and Hollywood’s elite could gather.

Odell commissioned San Francisco architect Gardner A.

Dailey – already well known for his contemporary style – to design the original “Biltmore Beach Club” on the triangular-shaped grounds adjacent to the hotel.

Its look was in contrast to the Spanish-Colonial architecture of Santa Barbara, instead featuring clean, modern lines and Scandinavian contemporary furnishings.