казино картинка

Casino & Online Gaming is one of the most competitive industries of all those covered by PPC & Digital Marketing.

With OJO we have entered this market with a brand new, unknown brand and via preparation and careful targeting have seen instant success.

This has then been followed up with rapid expansion that shows little sign of stopping whilst improving upon efficiencies at the same time.

To expand the player base of a newly launched casino, beginning the PPC campaign at the birth of the brand itself at the moment of the site launch.

This expansion came against extremely tight targets, with First Time Depositor targets 28% lower than the industry standard CPA, as well as ambitious ROI targets from the very beginning.

The aim of expansion also applied to budget, with spend expanding month on month as efficiencies were proved and results demanded further investment.

With tight targets, the decision was made to focus strongly on the USPs of the new online casino.

This includes tightly focused copy emphasising the friendly, straight-forward and honest character of the brand.

This was also necessary as a business decision was made not to include a deposit bonus as is common amongst competitors.

This also applied to the selection and prioritising of keywords, focusing on keywords often avoided by other competitors such as moneyback, cashback and no wagering keywords.

As the target was to expand the player base as much as possible, as efficiently as possible, the target audience was as broad as possible.

That being said, the demographic learnings from across multiple channels were applied – allowing us to upweight age and geographic segments identified as optimal.