казино кардинал

LAS VEGAS — NBA legend Charles Oakley was arrested last weekend here in Nevada.

According to TMZ, he’s alleged to have removed a $100 chip from a table at the Cosmopolitan once he realized he would lose his bet. What should you make sure NOT to do when playing cards in Sin City?

I’m talkin’ about stuff that’s frowned upon almost anywhere else.

I don’t care who you are or what your plan is, you will get caught.

The repercussions are far worse than just getting kicked out of the casino.

The state’s economy is largely built off this industry remaining legitimate.

It’s an easy way to get yourself banned from casinos all over the world, which is a real bummer. You’re also likely to make a mistake and cost yourself money if you’re not paying attention. While the casino is your happy place, it’s much less fun for the dealers. So don’t be an asshole when things aren’t going your way.

You can’t play while on the phone, and all you’re going to do is slow down play for everyone else. I can assure you of a few things: Dealers aren’t trying to give you bad cards, and they definitely have no control over the roulette wheel. If you leave a table ahead, toss the dealer a little something.

Everyone has played with the bro who scolds other players for “taking my card” or complains about what might’ve happened had someone hit.

You need all the good karma you can get in this town.

Berchtesgaden – Die österliche Botschaft, zu deren Verstehen die 50 Tage bis Pfingsten nicht ausreichten, habe etwas zu tun mit Politik, Arbeitswelt und Wirtschaft.

Das war eine der Grundbotschaften von Kardinal Reinhard Marx beim Gottesdienst am Pfingstmontag auf dem Berchtesgadener Schlossplatz.