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Initial report said the blaze started from the first floor of Genting Crown Casino building in Poipet, Banteay Meanchay province which is adjacent to Sa Kaew's Aranyaprathet district of Thailand.

It is believed that there are unknown number of people trapped in the building.

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(and that doesn't count on-line only casinos either) * Holiday Palace Casino is on Victory Beach, and has over 100 rooms. Starb**ks type coffee shop, Chinese restaurant, Beach side restaurant, pool, and an ocean. * Kampongsom City Casino & Hotel, near the Golden Lions, Ocheteaul Beach. * Sokha Vegas Casino at Sokha Resort is expanding, and has a full range of gaming machines and tables, right next to the hotel. * Bao Mai Resort & Casino - Right on Ocheteaul Beach. * Snake House / Big House / Majestic Casino and Hotel - near Victory Beach. Chinese Oriented * Diamond Casino - At Golden Sand Hotel - Ocheteaul Beach.

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